Vector Graphics
for Unity

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Bring vector graphics back to life,
SVG Importer is ready to help.

Getting Started

Unite Europe 2015

Realtime Demo

Always sharp

Vector graphics doesn't suffer from blurry edges or compression artefacts. You have full control over the quality of tessellation to always ensure best performance possible.

Supports Unity UI

Create your user interface completely resolution independent. No need to rewrite existing scripts or components.

Easy to use

Optimise your existing workflow. Drag & drop assets directly to your scene.

Mobile friendly

Vector Graphics is prebaked during import only in editor. Your actual game loads only prebaked meshes in your desired quality without any other overhead. All shaders are well optimised and simple.

Reduce build size

Textures have to store all pixels in hard drive and memory, vector images specify only series of points which can yield in 10x smaller build sizes based on a project.

Open source

SVG Importer is now free to use in all of your projects.

Unleash creativity

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drag & drop


Unity UI


recolor artwork